Dental Sedation: The Best Way Keeping Anxious Dental Patients Calm

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Dental Sedation: The Best Way Keeping Anxious Dental Patients Calm

Dental treatments in the past were undeniably painful. Modern dentistry has evolved a lot to become almost pain-free. Yet the perception of pain still exists strongly in the minds of a large number of people. Thus, the number of worried or anxious patients in dentistry is far greater than in any other branches of medicine.

Oral healthcare professionals in Croydon identify the following factors that make people anxious about dental treatments:

  • The perception of pain
  • Previous experiences were traumatic
  • Scary of injections
  • The fear of the unknown

Sedation is the best solution that modern dentistry offers to take care of anxious and frightened patients.

 An introduction to dental sedation

Sedation is the state you attain when a powerful sedative is administered on you to help you relax and calm down. Sedation can be so powerful that you keep sleeping during a procedure without caring about things going on around you. Unlike general anaesthesia sedation do not make you totally unconscious. When you’re under sedation, you can still speak and follow commands. Sedation works faster, easier to administer and is safer. When the procedure ends, the drug is no more administered to you and thus you get back to consciousness.

Chances of a patient under sedation waking up in the middle of a procedure

Sedation drugs work very fast and get you to sleep almost instantly. On the other hand, it wears off slowly over a period of 30 minutes on average. Thus, you will gradually become more and more awake instead of waking up suddenly. When the dentist feels more time is needed, a sedation top-up is administered on you to buy more time. This also ensures you don’t remember anything about the treatment later.

Common sedation drugs

Usually Midazolam is used, the effect of which lasts shortly. Another drug that is also used is Benzodiazepine, which comes from the same family as valium and diazepam.

Administering dental sedation

Sedation is administered in the vein. Usually a vein in one of the arms is chosen for the purpose.

Sedation hangover

Sedation is not alcohol and you get no hangover. The sedation effects wear out pretty fast.

Safety concern

Benzodiazepine is a very commonly used drug across the world of medicine and is being used since a long time. This family of drugs is considered safe and practically free from adverse side-effects. However, the dentist will check your condition in advance to ensure the drug is safe for you.

Experienced dentist in Croydon suggests you should bring someone along to accompany you on your way back home after the treatment. Probably you are going to feel drowsy and thus, avoid driving for the next 24 hours. You should neither operate any heavy machinery nor make any vital financial decision during this time.